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And relaxation
FOR improved health & wellbeing

Promoting a life of conscious self-care, stress-free simplicity and natural health and wellbeing


What I offer…


Conscious Self-Care

Cat Napping

Tools for conscious self-care —
breathing techniques, meditation practices, relaxation methods and personalised movement for improved health and wellbeing.


Stress-free Simplicity

Sea Simplicity

Tips for for reducing stress and anxiety and creating a life of ease and simplicity — helping you to eliminate what is no longer nourishing you to enhance your overall sense of wellbeing.


Natural Wellbeing

Meditating in Nature

Techniques for living in holistic harmony and balance with the natural world.
Natural therapies, remedies and treatments to support great health.


Zen jewellery

Zen jewellery for peace and serenity – handmade with natural gemstones, chosen for their unique healing properties.


NEW ‘winter Balance’ Collection

A collection inspired by October’s star sign, Libra, bringing balance to our lives as we enter winter with healing stones of calming Howlite and Snowflake Obsidian.


Autumn Abundance

Aventurine & Moss Agate (Native American Power Stone) for prosperity, abundance, new beginnings and grounding in this change of season.