The styles of yoga I teach are considered by many to be 'Hatha' yoga and 'Vinyasa' yoga.

Despite its reputation, Hatha yoga is not necessarily a gentle practice and certainly not a boring one either. Though here in the West we seem to have a preference for what is often referred to as 'Vinyasa' yoga – a flow of postures which leaves little time for one's mind to get 'bored' – what Hatha yoga offers can be more of a challenge. The challenge of: holding sustained postures, yoking breath and movement, adjusting alignment and balancing opposites (as well as reaching oneness of mind). 


Hatha Yoga

Hatha refers to a balanced yoga practice which brings into consideration effort and activity as well as surrender and receptivity, dualistic propeties present everywhere. With this style of yin and yang practice we aim to unite opposites, learning to balance effort and surrender in each pose to in turn bring more balance and equilibrium to our lives, with the desired goal of yoga being meditation and the eventual attainment of samadhi / oneness of mind. 

Hatha yoga is an ancient branch of yoga which through breathwork and postures aims to transform body and mind.

practice yoga in the comfort



I offer home visits for anyone living within 10 miles of South Creake for 60, 75 and 90 min sessions. Each session is tailored to your wants and needs, and I offer additional support for anyone booking multiple sessions which includes a series of short video tutorials and information on the sequences that I've designed especially for you.

You don't need a huge area for this – just enough clear space to feel comfortable whilst practicing and you don't need anything yoga-related as I bring mats, blocks, blankets and any other props needed.