Sterling Silver & Chrysocolla Ring

Sterling Silver & Chrysocolla Ring


This stone had a strong (but soft and loving) dialogue with me while I was making this ring. It is after-all a stone of communication, associated with the throat and heart chakras.

A healing stone, Chrysocolla can bring calm and serenity where there is upset, encouraging compassion and peace. It is a stone of feminine energy and empowerment; a stone for the goddess within.

Product details
Ring size: M
Materials: Sterling Silver, Chrysocolla (18x13mm stone)

Before your piece is despatched it is individually cleansed through sage-smudging and receives a blessing and Reiki attunement dedicated to you/its recipient.

As each soul piece is handmade there may be small inconsistencies or differences between paired items such as earrings. We think this just adds to their character and charm.

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