New Moon Sodalite Ring, Size P

New Moon Sodalite Ring, Size P


Unique Sodalite New Moon ring

Sodalite is known for helping to enhance one’s powers of analysis, intuition, observation and creativity. A crystal known for its cool, calming and tranquil energy, Sodalite is a supportive crystal for women and can be used for grounding, meditating and journeying. 

Healing properties: Creativity, communication, inspiration
Associated chakras: Throat and Third Eye chakras

Product details
Materials: Sodalite, Sterling silver
Ring size: P
Size: 20mm diameter Sodalite

Before your piece is despatched it is individually cleansed through sage-smudging and receives a blessing and Reiki attunement dedicated to you/its recipient.

If you are looking to purchase this item from outside the UK please email to enquire about worldwide shipping.

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