Karma Cause Amazonite & Brass Drop Earrings

Karma Cause Amazonite & Brass Drop Earrings


Amazonite, named after the Amazon River in Brazil where the stone was originally discovered, is a healing stone associated with the heart and throat chakras. Amazonite is known to help to block geopathic stresses such as microwaves and mobile phone emanations, going some way to protecting you against the output of modern electromagnetic pollution.

Healing properties: Loving communication, harmony, balance
Associated chakras: Heart and throat

Product details
Materials: 9 carat gold hook wire, Amazonite, lacquered brass
Length: 8.90cm
Care: To retain the shine of the brass drops the metal has been spray-lacquered, please handle carefully to avoid scratches. To prolong the life of the lacquer we advise that the drop is regularly cleaned with warm soapy water. To do this, you should only get the lacquered brass wet enough to clean the surface, then wipe with a clean wet cloth and dry thoroughly. 

Before your piece is despatched it is individually cleansed through sage-smudging and receives a blessing and Reiki attunement dedicated to you/its recipient.

As each soul piece is handmade there may be small inconsistencies or differences between paired items such as earrings. We think this just adds to their character and charm.

If you are looking to purchase this item from outside the UK please email poppyzellareed@gmail.com to enquire about worldwide shipping.

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