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reiki Treatments


Reiki is Japanese for Universal Life Energy ('Ki' being the same as 'Chi'). Reiki can promote deep relaxation, support healing, strengthen the immune system, relieve stress and anxiety, ease muscle tension and energise and balance the entire body. 

A Reiki treatment is a hands-on / hand-off treatment (the choice is yours) which treats the whole, moving from head to toe. A treatment takes approximately 45mins and you remain fully clothed. You can choose whether you prefer to receive the treatment lying down or sitting down (though the former is the strong favourite, of course :)).

Enjoy a Reiki treatment in the comfort of your own home or visit my treatment centre in Fakenham

Each Reiki session is an hour long with the option of a hands-on or hand-off treatment

1 hour Reiki treatment £35
1 hour Reiki treatment (home visit) £40

Please email poppyzellayoga@gmail.com for more information or to make a booking