Happy christmas 2017


Thank you to every one of you who donated so generously some of your dry cupboard food items for the Norfolk Trussell Trust Food Banks in December 2017. All the food collected was delivered to the Hunstanton & King's Lynn Food Banks on Friday 22nd December in time for Christmas. 

Thank you & a Merry Christmas to all, 

Poppy x

Final list of donations weighing in at 77.76 Kilos:

Breakfast items
PG Tips
Apple & Blueberry porridge
Apple & Cinnamon porridge
Mini strawberry jam
Crusty wholemeal bread mix

Fruit & Veg
Tinned pear halves
Tinned sliced peaches x4
Tinned mandarins
Tinned prunes
Tinned Marris Peer potatoes
Tinned peeled plum tomatoes x12
Tinned chopped tomatoes x5
Italian chopped tomatoes with herbs & garlic x3
Tomato passata x3
Baked beans x10
Tinned red kidney beans x3
Tinned Taco mixed beans x2
Tinned butterbeans x3
Tinned pealed new potatoes x3
Tinned chickpeas x4
Tinned marrowfat peas
Tinned garden peas
Split pea, green chilli and coriander instant with rice
Tinned carrots
Pickled onions x2
Tinned sweetcorn x4

Tinned tuna x5
Tinned sardines x3
Tinned mackerel x1
Tinned sardines x1

Sausage casserole sauce
Tinned beef consommé x2
Tinned stewed steak x2
Tinned meatballs x3
Tinned minced beef with onion
Tinned chicken casserole

Tinned cream of tomato soup
Tinned Spring vegetable soup
Tinned pea & ham soup x3
Tinned chicken soup x4
Tinned chicken noodle soup

Rice, Noodles, Pasta, Bread
Tomato & herb cheese biscuits
Rigatoni pasta
Linguine pasta
Macaroni pasta
Gluten free Fusilli pasta
Ditaloni Rigati pasta
Tagliatelle pasta
Spaghetti pasta
Tinned Spaghetti hoops
Penne pasta x7
Lasagne pasta sheets
Tinned spaghetti loops
Arborio rice x2
Long grain rice
Basmati rice
Coconut, chilli & lemongrass instant rice
Dry noodles
Instant noodles

Sauces & condiments
BBQ cooking sauce
Sandwich pickle
Thai green curry instant sauce
Spicy Jalfrezi instant sauce
Tartare sauce
Smoked Chipotle salsa
Tomato & grilled pepper stir-in pasta sauce
Tomato & mascarpone stir-in pasta sauce
Chilli con carne mix x2

Sweet things
Tinned evaporated milk x2
Rice pudding x5
Custard x6
Stem ginger in syrup
Ground almond
Dark soft brown sugar
Sea salt chocolate bar
Digestive biscuits
Butter biscuits x2
Golden Syrup

Gluten Free
GF cracker selection
GF Honey Loop cereal
GF Spaghetti
GF Mini mince puddings x2
4 GF Mince Pies pack x2

Christmas items
Sage & onion stuffing mix x2
Chicken gravy granules
Beef gravy granules
Christmas Pudding
Cashew & Cranberry mix
6 Luxury Mince Pies
6 Festive Bakewell Tarts

Sanitary Products, Nappies, Soap
Tampon packs x4
Sanitary towels x4
Nappy packs x4
Handmade soap bar