Zella Yoga at Brancaster Beach





What can I expect

from a private yoga session? 

Each yoga session is developed especially for you. First we can discuss what it is you want to get out of a practice and then I design a sequence – or series of sequences – just for you. A typical class consists of a combination of breathwork, postures (asanas) and meditation / mindfulness.

do I need ANYTHING? 

All you need is a space large enough to fit two yoga mats comfortably and that's it! I bring all props and equipment with me.


I recommend wearing comfortable clothing (nothing too baggy or too tight) and tying back medium to long-length hair. 

Do you teach group classes?

Yes, I teach group classes in Norfolk all year round. Please click here to see the locations and timings of this year's group classes. 

If you would like to gather a group of 4 or more friends together for a group class as a regular or one-off event or as a gift or surprise, then please write to me at poppyzellayoga@gmail.com to arrange.

I'm a beginner, can I still attend

A group class?


Yes, you are welcome to attend any of my group classes as a first-timer or beginner.