Poppy Reed - Yoga at Wells

For the love of yoga...


Teaching yoga is by far my greatest passion because of its huge power to transform our lives. Yoga for me is not exercise. Technically it is, of course, but it's not just that. The focus of a yoga practice is not to get fit, it is SO much more.

I am an E-300 hr Registered Yoga Teacher, fully qualified Reiki Practitioner and Trainee Life Coach based in North Norfolk. 

A student of yoga since 2011, after 4 years of daily yoga practice I flew to Thailand to train with Randall O'Leary (Ram Giri Baba), Simone MacKay and Haylee Clare of the Jungle Yoga Ashram. In Spring of 2016 I went on to start my Advanced Teacher Training with Frog Lotus Yoga in Spain.

I teach a number of yoga styles, relaxation techniques and meditation. I am passionate about teaching over instructing and like to bring a depth of learning to my group yoga classes (a little bit of extra knowledge to help empower my students), offering a more in-depth look at the postures (asanas) as well as a focus on the connection between breath, body, mind and soul that you won't find in classes that are simply instructed. 

I believe in yoga for all and it is my mission to deliver thoughtful, friendly and accessible classes for all levels which are designed by me personally to challenge and transform the bodies and lives of all who attend.